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What Do We Do?

Here for You

We’ve wanted to produce an indulgent experience that was perfect to make any occasion . Giving something with more value to those who believe in the same idea wether it be for themselves or for others *** enthusiastically create and enhance with. Our journey to find the taste that embodied CLIJÉ was and still is one of excitement and intrigue with our non alcoholic mixer. 


The process included selecting the finest natural ingredients with attributes that matched our fundamental need for providing great value, whilst ensuring quality of the highest standards throughout the process.  Additional our blends are then pasteurised to a temperature just under 90 degree - a process necessary for us and only usually see done by wine producers to eliminate bacteria and preserve their natural quality.

Our unique fusion is unlike anything you’ve tasted before as each mix provides you with a neat blend to smoothly enhance your liquors,  cocktails or alternative enjoyment as a stand-alone. Included in our recipe is the sweetener Stevia Leaf, which is also 100% natural and boasts no calories. Our purpose with this - an essential contributing factor to make your occasion the best it can be. 

The proof  is in the taste