The Tailor Made Experience

With CLIJÉ you're able to give favourite mixtures a exciting new complement through our quality, taste and crafted vision that feels personally made. Our passion for making drinking experiences, moods and interactions more meaningful is shown with the detail we add. That also means providing an indulgent that is natural, multi-purposed and enhancing in pleasure.

The journey to finding our key ingredients that ticked all our boxes led us to discover the Stevia Leaf which has origins trailing back to Paraguay. The natives have been using Stevia as a natural sweetener for over 200 years - being 10 times sweeter than sugar but amazingly has no calories. We used this as our base and continued to source ingredients  

from continents ranging from Africa all the way to Asia.

Maintaining a natural process our perfected blend is pasteurise to just under 90 degree, eliminating any unwanted substances without any artificial additives, presenting you with a pure mixture that is not only uncommon in design but rewarding in taste.

This unique non-alcoholic fusion is unlike anything before it with its neat blend  smoothly enhancing your liquors, cocktails/mocktails or alternatively equally enjoyable on its own. The proof is in the taste.



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