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Tailor Made Mixers

Our non alcoholic mixers aren't produced for a common taste in mind whilst mixing, but created to provide you with a delicious experience that feels personally crafted to your palette everytime.

Our flavour in true tailor made fashion is fused together with fruit ingredients from the continents of Africa all the way to Asia, topped with the sweetener Stevia which is 10 times sweeter than sugar but amazingly has no calories making CLIJÉ a healthier all natural indulgent thats perfectly suited to go with your favourite spirits, cocktails/mocktails or equally enjoyable on its own

Our passion for more meaningful and enjoyable experiences is the inspiration for us to make CLIJÉ one of the fine details that goes into creating your best occasions. Quality and a tailored sense of pleasure is our way of expressing your mood - and those qualities are exactly what makes us special. The proof is in the taste



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