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Why Clijé?

Clijé is an adjective, meaning 'something you use to add value to other things'. Exactly what our vision is with everything we do, as we better & complement your favourite experiences.

What can i mix with it?

The beauty of CLIJÉ is that it can be mixed with virtually anything - and equally enjoyable on it's own. Try it with your personal favourites or something new

Can i drink it on it's own?

Yes. The unique blend is a refreshingly tasty experience by its self - highly recommended.

What is in it and does it contain alcohol?

Every bottle contains a natural blend of mixed fruits, our sweetener stevia leaf we use and carbonated water. There is no alcohol in Clijé its-self.

Where are you based and do you offer worldwide shipping?

We are based in London, England. Yes we also provide worldwide shipping.



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