Welcome To Clijé

Clijé started as a niche motto amongst metropolitans in London to describe ‘something you use to add value to other things’ which became the mantra for our endeavours. We took our passion for exceptional experiences, fine indulgences and mixed them together through the meaning of CLIJÉ to bring those who like us have a love for making their past times the best they can be.

The intrigue to create a concoction that embodied our global influences just like our city of origin started by putting together ingredients sourced from South America, Africa all the way to the Far East. Precise development and uncommon processes contributed to our global journey of influence to make this exciting creation possible.

Here is your introduction to not just to a delicious drink, but a way to to compliment your moments for a luxurious natural lifestyle. Finding your own flavour of personal satisfaction is what we want to inspire, so what’s your CLIJÉ…? 



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